The Grey Lady Ghost

The Grey Lady Ghost

The Grey Lady Ghost

The Cambridge Military Hospital in Aldershot

The first military hospital in Aldershot was a wooden hutted structure, near the garrison church established for lunatics and infectious diseases and there was a workhouse converted in 1860 called the Union Hospital at Wellington Lines
The Cambridge Military Hospital in Aldershot opened on 18 July 1879 and the Cambridge Hospital was the first base hospital to receive casualties directly from the western front it was closed on 2 February 1996 due to the high cost of running the old building as well as the discovery of asbestos in the walls.

The Cambridge Military Hospital is said to have a grey lady ghost on the upper floor. The Grey Lady ghost was said to haunt the upper floor between wards 10 and 14. Many nurses and care assistants would take the stairs and walk between wards 1 and 7 to avoid this section of corridor at night! The Grey Lady would be seen flittingly and then disappear. Sightings were always at night and were often accompanied by the smell of lavender.
Stories say that a young Nurse Sister had worked in the hospital during the First World War when the hospital had been full of wounded soldiers evacuated from the front in France. Following one of the offensives, the hospital had filled with wounded soldiers, many seriously, and the staff were under considerable pressure, tired, stressed and overworked. One day, a new intake of wounded soldiers arrived, one of whom was a young officer, the seriously wounded fiancé of the sister, who, coincidentally was assigned to deal with him. On seeing her fiancé, she had panicked and accidentally gave him an overdose of an anaesthetic or drug, from which he shortly afterwards died. Full of remorse, and depressed, the sister committed suicide. From that time on, she was occasionally encountered in the long corridors, mostly around that part of the hospital where her fiancé had been admitted and had himself died.

The Grey Lady was often seen beside ill patients who would later die within a few hours of her visit!!
One policeman has said that the hairs on the back of his head always stands on end when he patrols around the empty hospital.!!!


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