The Haunted Cottage and Inn, Ripley

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The Haunted Cottage and Inn, Ripley

Small Teams Investigation

Nothing is fake or done for entertainment purposes, A real Paranormal Investigation!

Working in small and intimate groups led by our experienced Team members we will begin investigating separate areas to avoid overcrowding and possible evidence contamination. This will give you a unique opportunity to experience the paranormal first hand!

* Exclusive Hire – Sunday Evening Full Access *

The Haunted Cottage and adjoining Inn that dates back to 1760 has witnessed a ghostly apparition walking across rooms by the landlord. Guests have checked out of the cottage shortly after arrival, one woman stating she has awoken to a face staring at her above the bed!

Noises from the cellar and Rooms above have been heard on many occasions. Our past investigations have heard strange voices and seen shadows moving in the rooms. Loud bangs and objects moving! One brave guest left in the early hours as they felt an overwhelming feeling in the cottage having booked a room to stay!

• A chance to conduct your own investigation during the night
• Refreshments include hot drinks, soup, snacks, rolls and biscuits including cold drinks.

We look forward to seeing you there!

February 24 2019


Start: February 24 @ 9:00 pm
End: February 25 @ 12:00 am
Cost: £26


The Haunted Cottage and Inn, Ripley


Phone: 07392753434