Paranormal lock down Masonic Lodge, Nutfield, Surrey

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Paranormal lock down Masonic Lodge, Nutfield, Surrey

Nutfield Lodge was built around 1860 however not much is known about the origins of this house apart from it was previously a worker’s lodge for the adjacent property Claremont that stood on a large site which was once a fine family home for a businessman and his family. Employing a number of staff including a cook, housemaid and domestic servants.

It would appear from records that Claremont house was demolished sometime around 1935 and that Nutfield Lodge remained and continued to be a family home for a wealthy distiller who worked at the nearby distillery and his family.

Fullers Earth Works started mining the pits in 1890 which originally started at the back of the property and as the mining progressed eventually ended up at the site of which it now sits and is disused. Safety records would not have been in existence in those days, so it is hard to tell how and if many accidents or deaths occurred at the Earth Works. However, in our investigations a number of deaths have been published in the newspapers, all accidental!

In 1960 Nutfield Lodge was given to the Freemasons of Redhill in support of this extremely secretive order and is continued to be in use to this very day.

We are very pleased to be the first Paranormal Team to investigate this historical location, and we will be given access to the whole of the building for the night.

In recent years staff have noticed doors often shut on their own. Shadows and figures have been seen at the top of the stairs. An uneasy feeling in the main temple can be sensed and often whispers can be heard when closing the building for the night.

Come and join us on our first Paranormal Lockdown at this magnificent Masonic Lodge and see what else we can unearth about the History and who and what spirits still remain….!

April 20 2019


Start: April 20, 2019 @ 8:30 pm
End: April 21, 2019 @ 1:00 am
Cost: £29


Paranormal lock down Masonic Lodge, Nutfield, Surrey


Phone: 07392753434