Kew Steam Museum

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Kew Steam Museum

We are the first Paranormal Group to be given Exclusive Access to this fantastic Location in over 15 Years when the last Paranormal Investigation took place.

Saturday 8th June  2019
8.30pm – 1.00am

The museum is housed in an old pumping station, built by the Grand Junction Waterworks Company around 180 years ago, and in use until the mid-20th century. Remarkably, most of the kit was preserved. And by ‘kit’, we mean colossal beam engines the like of which you won’t see anywhere else.

The pick of the bunch is the Grand Junction 90 inch — the world’s largest working beam engine. It pumped water to London for almost 100 years. Today, it isn’t hooked up to the mains, but is still teased from its slumbers during regular public steamings

“Over a hundred years ago, a Giant Staaken R plane R39 wreaked havoc in Brentford, dropping bombs on Whitestile Road and the Kew Bridge Waterworks – now the London Museum of Water & Steam. As the R39 dropped bombs on the Metropolitan Water Board at Kew Bridge Works one bomb damaged and flattened the gatehouse building and the third the smithy and fitting shop.

Part of the waterworks’ gatehouse building formed offices for the Foremen. Both the Engine Foreman, Mr William Finch and the District Foreman, Mr George Bently were killed in the raid.

On the front face of the gatehouse at the time of the bombing was a clock, in the end gable, protected by a small porch of its own. The porch, the clock, indeed the whole gable were destroyed. An employee, was allowed to salvage as much of the clock as he could find. This he did, fashioned new parts to replace those missing, and made a case for it. When he died his daughter gave it back to the MWB which put it into its Museum at Kew Bridge. It now keeps time on the wall of the Museum’s café, a fitting memorial to William Finch and George Bently, who though not military men, still gave their lives in the service of ‘Water London’.”

2 Ghostly figures have been seen in the museum by staff and children can be heard often running and playing around by the engines.

Children were often employed to clean the engines through the Victorian era and the small traps can still be seen today.

Please book early to avoid disappointment……

June 08 2019


Start: June 8 @ 8:30 pm
End: June 9 @ 1:00 am


Kew Steam Museum


Phone: 07392753434