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‘Ghosts exist’, say 1 in 3 British People

‘Ghosts exist’, say 1 in 3 British People ! One in four British people (39%) believe that a house can be haunted by some kind of supernatural being, and almost as many (34%) think that ghosts actually exist. Women have a significantly higher propensity to believe in the supernatural, with them being 10% more likely […]

Right Royal Ghosts!

Right Royal Ghosts ! Windsor is perhaps the most haunted of all the royal residences, with as many as 25 ghosts reported. The ghost of Elizabeth I has been seen by several members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Margaret. Often seen in the library, her footsteps can be heard […]

Haunted by the Things you Love?

Haunted by the Things you Love? I thought I would share some of my favourite reads …. Every day, people innocently acquire ordinary personal and household items that secretly come with spirit attachments, demonic forces, residues of the dead, and curses. They are shocked when the haunted objects create a paranormal nightmare! — Kind regards, […]

Join Ghost Hunts in the UK’s Most Haunted Locations!

Our Founder Member Jo and her team have been interested in the paranormal for more than 15 years and have attended many events arranged by commercial ghost hunting companies throughout the UK

Having many years’ experience in the Paranormal we pride ourselves on our honesty and reliability by hosting genuine Public Paranormal Investigations.

We cover both the Spiritual and Scientific sides of Paranormal Investigating and will give you the opportunity to try out some of the most popular electronic devices and together we will aim to uncover more history about the locations we visit.

Our guests are encouraged to take part in Psychic experiments along with the use of Paranormal equipment as well as some of the most-up-to-date ghost hunting equipment. We actively encourage all our guests to bring their own camera and filming equipment in order for each guest to capture as much information as they can.It is important to note that we retain ownership rights over any footage, visual or audio that is take on any of our events.

Our Haunted Events are a unique and gripping experience by allowing our guests to become the Investigators for the Evening and give them the very best opportunity to explore our unique locations in a safe environment.

Working alongside our team you will get to take part in fascinating experiments such as table tipping, glass moving, vigils and Victorian séances along with the more modern ghost hunting techniques.

Join us if you dare!